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Nyhaven Canal Tour Boat in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Hotels, Attractions, and Information

Written by Beth Garrett

Copenhagen, capital city of Denmark and the largest Scandinavian city, stretches across one peninsula and over 400 islands. Once just a quaint and charming fishing village, Copenhagen today is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe. The canals of Christianshavn snake lazily through the city and old homes sit perched along beautifully manicured, narrow streets. The main part of the city resides on the eastern coast of Sjaelland Island and the smaller part of the city, Christianshavn, Tivoli Gardens with the Town Hall in Background is located on Amager Island. The best way to describe Copenhagen over all is that it is a city that breathes Old World charm. Copenhagen is absolutely exploding with cultural events and activities, making it a fun and interesting place to visit whether it is for a family vacation or a romantic getaway. The city remains one of the most friendly and pristine in all of Europe.


There are many wonderful modes of transit that can be used to discover Copenhagen. During the warmer months of the year walking and biking are very popular. The city of Copenhagen has over 2,000 bicycles located at various bike racks throughout the city. Coins unlock the bikes from the racks and it is later refunded once the bikes are returned. The most romantic way to see the city is probably via a cruise that meanders along Amalienborg Palace and the Marble Church, Copenhagen the canals. Other clean and safe modes of transportation include train and bus. Tourists may purchase a Copenhagen card in increments of 24, 48 or 72 hour periods. The Copenhagen card allows free travel on public transportation as well as free entry into many of the city?s most popular attractions.

Copenhagen's Most Celebrated Daughter

Located at Langelinie on the harbor, the Little Mermaid Statue has been delighting children of all ages for many years. The life-size sculpture is based on the popular fairy tale written by Hans Christian Anderson who called Copenhagen home. Copenhagen is also home to the world?s longest pedestrian mall that spans five streets. With museums, boutiques, specialty shops and cafes dotting the streets, this is the ideal place to boot around and get a feel for Copenhagen at the same time. Europeans love to spend time outdoors and take full advantage of warm sunny days. The city is teeming with beautiful parks, fountains and gardens. A picnic is always a wonderful way to spend a lazy afternoon. Another unique aspect of Copenhagen is the daily changing of the guard. Everyday at noon, come rain or shine, the Royal Guard, accompanied by the band, marches from Rosenborg Slot, a Dutch Renaissance castle, through the city. Rosenborg Slot is the only castle that was not turned over to the state once Denmark did away with absolute monarchy. Although the castle still belongs to the monarchy it is open View of Rosenborg Have Rose Garden in Copenhagen to the public. An entire day could be spent just exploring the inside of the castle with its displays of jewelry, art and toys. The architecture is absolutely magnificent and the finely sculptured gardens will leave visitors speechless. King Christian IV had a true passion for the intricate workings of architecture, the Borsen being an excellent example. Three intertwined dragons? tails located at the top of the spire are quite a sight to behold. The Borsen is also the oldest stock exchange in the world that is still in use. Another must see is Charlottenborg Palace which today serves as the seat of the Academy of Arts.

A City Exploding with Museums

Everywhere one turns in Copenhagen, a museum is sure to be close by. The Resistance Museum pays tribute to the role that the Danish played in helping thousands of Palm House, Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen Jews escape to Sweden during Hitler?s bloody and terrifying reign. The tank that sits outside of the museum is the same one that was used to spread the word of the Nazi?s surrender. The Copenhagen City Museum and Soren Kierkegaard Collection features a very detailed and intricate model of medieval Copenhagen in addition to various artifacts that tell the city?s story. A separate area pays homage to Kierkegaard, the master of existentialism. Visitors can admire his drawings as well as personal affects such as letters and books. The Louisiana Museum for Modern Art is an art lover?s paradise. The museum is praised not only for its extensive collection, but for the sheer beauty of the place itself. The museum?s splendid gardens are full of sculptures by such artists as Joan Miro and Giacometti. The National Museum pays tribute to the Danish?s past as well as the present with everything from Stone Age tools to Roman antiquities on display. The children?s area at the National Museum allows kids to get up close and personal with various exhibits. The Round Tower which looms 114 feet over Copenhagen was built in 1642 for the astronomer Tycho Brahe. Today it is the oldest observatory that is still in use in all of Europe. Visitors may enjoy a breathtaking view of the city by ascending the 600 foot spiral ramp that leads to the top of the tower.

Copenhagen's Pride and Joy

Tivoli is the pride and joy of Copenhagen. For over 250 years people have been flocking here to enjoy the various amusement rides and games. Children will be delighted with the merry-go-round where Viking ships take the place of the standard horses and other animals. No matter what day of the week, there always seems to be some sort of musical event taking place at the Tivoli whether it?s a rock concert or a parade. The Arabian-style fantasy palace houses numerous restaurants in addition to a beer garden. The opulent gardens are bursting with color as tulips are everywhere one looks. During the evening hours the scenery is just as amazing with over 100,000 Chinese colored lanterns lighting up the Chinese pagoda and main fountain. On many evenings brilliant fireworks light up the sky. Copenhagen is also renowned for its many fine dining and shopping establishments. After a delicious Danish meal, tourists can head out to any of the numerous jazz clubs or opt to dance the night away under the stars at any of the city?s happening night spots.

Copenhagen Hotels, Attractions, and Information
Copenhagen Hotels
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